How to Select Reliable Heating Elements Manufacturers In China?

The heating elements electric heater industry is growing bigger and bigger, more and more manufacturers appear. In this condition, as a foreign buyer, how to find a reliable industrial electric heater supplier? This is a headache for a lot of electric heating element buyers.
As a Chinese manufacturer and buyer, HT Elite, we can give you some advice, on how to select the heating element suppliers in China.

I. Judgment Criteria

1, The Professional Staff

As a professional electric heater salesman, he or she should have a comprehensive and rapid understanding to the use of electric heater and related parameters through a brief communication with the clients.

2, Prompt Response to the Offer
A skilled professional salesman can offer the most reasonable price for clients in a very short time.

3, Professional Drawings

Usually, before the production, the professional manufacturers will issue a detailed production drawings and get confirmation from customers .

4, The Safe Logistics Transport

HT Elite has long-term relationship with domestic and global top logistics and transport companies in the country, to ensure the safe arrival of your goods.

5, Responsible for the After-sales Service, Security

All the electric heaters ordered from our company, whether from the installation or wiring arrangement, our technical staffs will inspect strictly during production. If the product damages in the warranty period, we will never shirk our responsibility, after further communication and survey, we will give you a most appropriate solution.

II. Tips Not To Do!

1, The suppliers offer you quotation without making clear all the related specification, suggest you not to buy.
Usually these are the rough prices, when you place order, they will say, sorry, we make mistake on the price, the new prices will be….

2, Exaggerate the industrial heater lifetime, suggest not to buy.
Sometimes, the salesman want to get the order, exaggerate the function of the quality, but when the products have problem, the clients will have the risk of loss the money, and loss more clients.

3, The suppliers, do not ask for the working environment of the electric heaters, to be careful to buy. Because according to different environments, the manufacturer will choose different raw materials, such as the resistance wire, MgO, and different stainless steel pipe.

4, Too much price difference with other suppliers after several inquiries , to be careful to buy;

According to the above description, I believe the majority of customers will know how to select the right electric heater vendors now.

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