A New Breakthrough! The Flat-shaped Tubular Heater

The round shaped tubular heaters are widely applied in heating industry.
Have you used the flat-shaped heating strip?

Do you want to know what the advantages are?

Single-head flat-shaped heating strip is the most basic style of flat-shaped tubular heater, however, we can also produce all kinds of irregular flat tubular heaters. With the wide application, it usually used for some special equipment.

Here to introduce the relevant knowledge of flat tubular heater.
I. Flat-shaped Tubular Heaters Working Principle
Flat-shaped Tubular Heaters the metal shell apply nickel-chromium stainless steel, the internal heating wire is nickel-chromium electric alloy material, electric wire and shell filled with the dense, stable magnesium oxide as insulation and thermal conductivity.

II. Advantages
1. Larger Contact Area
Single-head flat tubular heater has improved the heat dissipation problem to a certain extent compared with the round heating tube (for example, cartridge heaters).
The round tubular heater with the heated surface is point to point contact, but flat tubular heater is surface and surface contact, Higher degree of fit, larger heating area, so the heating efficiency is higher.

2. Flexible Shape
Flat tubular heaters can be straight strip, can also be bent into a circular arc, more flexible than the round shape heaters.

3. Easy to Install
Flat tubular heater is installed by punching hole in the heated box, fixed with screws and clips, more simple operation.

4 Longer Life
Because of the special production process, the flat tubular heater’s rated heating power: general 600W / M, the surface load is relatively low, so the service life is relatively longer.

III. Flat Tubular Heater Characteristics
1, Rated working voltage: to be determined, according to customer needs
2, Rated heating power: general 600W / M
3, Single-head flat tube external cross-sectional size: 15 * 6mm or so, stainless steel heating pipe wall thickness no less than 0.8mm
4, Flat tubular heater, between the heating wire and metal shell, given2400V / 50Hz sine AC voltage 1 min, should be no breakdown phenomenon.

Are you interested in this flat tubular heaters?
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