Plastic Molds Cartridge Heater’s Design and Installation

plastic molds cartridge heater 1 767x579 1
plastic molds cartridge heater 1 767×579 1

Plastic molds cartridge heater is a very popular electric heater, because of the simple design and installation, as well as the advantage of easy wiring, is applied to a variety of heating elements equipments, such as extruder, injection molding machine, sealing machine, etc..

Compared with the flange heater, tubular heater and finned heaters, although the design and installation of the plastic molds cartridge heater is relatively simple, but there are many aspects to pay attention.

1, There is a certain connection between the cartridge heater diameter and the aperture of the die hole. Because the air is to play a role to obstruct the the heat conduction, so when design and install the mold cartridge heater, we should to minimize the distance between the cartridge heater wall and mold hole wall.

If the gap between them is too large, the cartridge heater heating dissipation will be slow, it will results in the cartridge heater internal temperature too high and burn the resistance wire, shorten the life time.

So when HT Elite’s engineers design and install the mold cartridge heater, we will ask the size of the customer’s mold hole in advance. And then according to the aperture of the mold hole to design smaller than the mold hole 0.1-02 mm diameter cartridge heater.

Or if the customer has not yet made the mold hole, we will suggest the client to make the mold hole according to our cartridge heater diameter, the hole is 0.1-0.2 mm larger than our heater diameter is better.
This will ensure the heating can be quickly absorbed by the mold, and also makes the mold cartridge heater easily installation and convenient to remove.

And the mold hole must be coaxial through the hole, that can avoid the gap is too large at the junction if making hole at both ends of the mold, affects the cartridge heater life time.

2, When to design and install the mold cartridge heater, it is better to ask the working temperature, and then to select the appropriate cartridge heater material according to the working temperature.
Customers also need a temperature control, to control the cartridge heater temperature not too high or too low, to protect the life time of the mold cartridge heater.

3, Finally, before design and installation, it is better to ask customers, if the mold cartridge heater has vibration or not during working, if have, we will recommend the client to use nickel-chromium wire which with better flexibility.
This will prevent the cartridge heater resistance wire to fracture due to the vibration, and affects the life time.


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