Tips for Cartridge Heaters How to Prolong Life Time

On daily use of the cartridge heater, do you want to know how to prolong the life time?

Have you thought about this problem?

Today, HT Elite will give you some professional advise, hope can help you save some cost.

  1. Do not exceed recommended maximum watt density specified for the cartridge heater size. This is very important. If you do so, that will damage or shorten the life time of the cartridge heaters.
  2. The tubular heater sheath must fit properly into the machined hole. A tight fit is critical. So the sheath diameter tolerance should be controlled strictly.
  3. Protect the tubular heater from contaminants such as oil, grease, and vapors. Make strict storage system in daily work. That can save the work efficiency.

4. Install adequate Kw to accomplish work load and make up for heating losses.


Catalog and quotation sheet are availble. Free samples can offer for test.
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