What Determines Diameter of The Electric Heater Resistance Wire

When produce the electric heaters, people usually concerned about the relationship between heater diameter voltage and power. But few people will pay attention to the relationship between the heater resistance wire diameter voltage and power.

Can we use the resistance wire diameter freely?
What are the factors to determine the resistance wire diameter?
The answer is as below!

After we know the voltage, power, according to the formula:

Current * Voltage = Power
Resistance=Voltage / Current

It can easily find the electric heater resistance value.
At this time the resistance value of the heater is established. That is, the length of the resistance wire (determined by the length of the heater heating zone) and the wire diameter are already determined.

Then if the heater, the voltage and power do not change, the resistance wire with the same length, but make the resistance wire thicker, what will happen?

According to

Resistance = resistivity × Conductor Length ÷ Conductor Cross-sectional area

When is the same material (resistivity unchanged), the same length, the thicker the resistance wire, the smaller the resistance.

So if you make the resistance wire diameter thicker, the resistance of the electric heater becomes smaller.
If you want to make the formula to balance

Current * Voltage = Power

It is necessary to change the voltage or power. But the original voltage or power can not be changed.
So the electric heater resistance wire diameter can not be changed freely.
Lastly, we can see the electric heater, the resistance wire is determined by the electric heater’s voltage, power and length, can not change as you like.


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