Why Your Electric Heaters Usually Not Work

In the process of selling Industrial electric heaters, many customers often complain that their heating elements always do not work. There must be some reasons.

Today we will try to analyze the reasons why electric heating elements always broke.
1. Firstly, we have to find out the specific situation of the electric heaters used by customers:
(1) Working environment: to heat the liquid or air dry burning?
What is the operating temperature?
Is there a temperature control?

(2) The design sizes and parameters of the heating element itself:
what are the approximate electric heater size, voltage, and power? And the material? Such as the coil heaters, cartridge heaters, band heater, etc.

(3) If it is convenient, it is better can inform the origin and the order price of the electric heating elements that they ordered, so that we can make a preliminary judgment on its quality. Because sometimes the prices can determine the quality.

2. Secondly, there will be some conclusion based on the data provided in the first step, which can be judged from the following aspects:
(1) If it is the design of the electric heater itself is beyond the standard (here, the standard refers to the surface load exceeds the standard), we will give suggestions, or redesign for free.
(2) If  the design of the Industrial heating element itself does not exceed the standard, then we will analyze from some other aspects,

Is the voltage wrongly connected?
If it is to heat the liquid, for example, is there any problem with the installation of the cartridge heater or tubular heater screw flange? Or is there a dry burning in the heating area of the heating elemet?
If it heats air, is there no fan circulation or temperature control?

What is the water quality if to heat water? Is the scale serious?
If to heat oil, how about the oil? What is the flow rate of the oil?
If to heat corrosive liquid, is the electric heaters material selected properly?
When designing the heating elements, have you considered the pressure bearing? Generally, the ordinary electric heaters bears the pressure of 0.6MPA.

If it is a injection mold hot runner heaters, to check whether gap between the cartridge heaters diameter and the mold hole are kept within 0.1mm, and whether there is temperature control?

The above are some of the main analysis.

If your electric heating elements are always broken, and reasons are beyond the above reasons, please contact us for informatioj in details and we will do our best to solve the problem for you.


Catalog and quotation sheet are availble. Free samples can offer for test.
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