How to Use & Maintain Cartridge Heaters

Electric cartridge heater is widely used in the heating industry, in your daily usage, do you know how to use and maintain? These details can help you effectively improve the efficiency.

1. the cartridge heater whole heating part should be immersed in the heating medium, to avoid the heat dissipation not fast enough, exceeds the rated heating temperature so that cartridge heater damages. In addition, the lead wire should expose out of the heater, so this part should not be overheated and damaged.

2. Cartridge heater terminal should be kept clean, dry. Or it will reduce the insulation performance and breakdown by short-circuit.
When the application is chemical corrosion, flammable, explosive condition and some other liquid or gas environment, the lead wiring part should be strictly protected by an insulating seal to prevent accidents.

3. When heating some kinds of viscose substances, such as sodium nitrate, stearic acid, paraffin, etc., at the very beginning, you’d better reduce the power supply and voltage, to reduce the calorific value of cartridge heater, when all melted into a liquid, and then rise to the rated voltage and heating.

4. The input power and the voltage should not exceed the 10% of the rated voltage marked on cartridge heater. Such as if less than the rated voltage, the cartridge heater generates the heat will also decline.

5. If the cartridge heater had used a long time, if the surface had thick dirt, grease, should be regularly cleaned, otherwise it will reduce the heat transfer performance and cause the tube surface heat load exceeds the allowable rated and damaged.

6. Cartridge heater lead wire connection terminal, when connected the wire, it is better to use two nuts to fasten, but do not force too much to lead to screws loose and damage the cartridge heater.

7. Use Cartridge heater should pay special attention to heating medium. Should no erosion to the shell material.

8. Cartridge heater should be stored in a dry warehouse. If after long time storage, the surface is damped, should be measured the insulation resistance by Megger measurement before using. If less than 1 megohm / 500 volts, then the cartridge heater should be put into 200 degrees oven for drying.

9. For special cartridge heater, before installation, the user manual should be read fully to avoid any damage.


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