Teflon RTD Extension Wire RTD-Teflon-Teflon-3x7x0.2

This specification covers the requirements for teflon insulated, tflon jacket, RTD extension cable, 2x7x0.2, stranded wire, standard tolerance and color code.

Additional information

Color Standard

Conform to internetional color standard


8-30 AWG



Discover more about FEP RTD Extension Cable RTD-FEP-SS-FEP-6x7x0.1

1. Introduction:
Thermocouple Extension wire is usually used to connect thermocouple and display-controled meters in order to lower the inaccuracy caused by temperature change on the connections.

2. Construction: 
Conductor: original thermocoupole alloy material, in solid wire or strand wires
Insulation Layer:
Fiberglass              (ambient temperature range 0-300ºC
PVC                       (ambient temperature range 0-105ºC)
Telflon                  (ambient temperature range 0-350ºC)
Silicone rubber   (ambient temperature range 0-180ºC)
Jacket layer materials: fiberglass, PVC, teflon, silicone rubber
Galvanized layer: stainless steel, tinned brass

3.Standard: conforms to IEC584 standard.

4. Product Description

FEP RTD Extension Cable RTD-FEP-SS-FEP-6x7x0.1

This specification covers the requirements for FEP insulated, stainless steel braided, FEP jacket, RTD extension cable, 6x7x0.1, stranded wire, standard tolerance and color code.

6. How to select:Order Code: e.g.

J 2*7/0.3 FG FG SS DIN

1                           2                                                 3                         4                          5                       6

1  Thermocouple Types: K, J, E, T, N, S          RTD: Cu, Ni

2  Conductot dimension:
2*7/0.3 means 2 cores,  each core includes 7 strands wire,
each wire diameter is 0.3mm, more example: 2×7/0.2, 2×4/0.65, 2×1/0.3 etc.
Other way to symbol the conductor dimensions:
Conductor square meter: 0.25mm²
AWG standard (see*Table 2)

3 Insulated layer materials:
FG: fiberglass   PVC: PVC      TF: teflon        SR: silicone rubber

4 Jacket layer material
FG: fiberglass   PVC: PVC      TF: teflon        SR: silicone rubber

5 Galvanized Layer material:   SS: stainless steel  TB: tinned brass

6Color Code:
ANSI: American standard   DIN: Germany standard    BS:Britain standard
NFC: France Standard          JIS: Japan Standard           IEC: IEC standard

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